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We have a ***Mixed Media World*** Facebook Group where we encourage you to share your work, your ideas, explorations, even mistakes and findings. This is where you can find like-minded friends and interact with the design team. 

We share your work from our blog to our group now and then so keep an eye out. We want you to do well and make sure people know about your amazing skills so here's an opportunity for you! Lets play a couple of games: 

HUMP DAY BOOST = come and join us every Wednesday here in the group and post 3 images of your recent completed work and 1 link to your personal blog or social platform.
This is the day you can promote the hell out of yourself through your own work and tell everyone what you do. Invite people to visit your blog or one of your personal social media platforms.
Only 1 link please. No links to others' blogs, shops or challenges etc. This is to help you out as an artist, not to make money or promote products. This is to serve as an inspiration to others and to give opportunity to BOOST your own profile.

I will select and share 1 HUMP DAY BOOST SPECIAL to our main FB Mixed Media World Page at the end of each Wednesday as a treat!

WEEKEND CREATIVE SESSION = some of us work hard during the week find weekends exciting and as an opportunity to unwind, play and create. Count me in on that one! I love my weekend creative sessions!
I'm inviting you to snap a few images of your process, work in progress, your happy accidents, beautiful backgrounds or you just tried a new product and want to share your excitement! This should be a little insight for others into YOUR creative space. So let us know what exciting things are going on in your craft room!

Once again, at the end of each Saturday I will share one interesting post to our main Mixed Media World FB Page!

Wed & Sat = Please add our hashtag #mixedmediaworld to your post on both days so we can all find your work easily in the future and so that others can join the fun too! Feel free to share the links of our group and page to your FB feed or even your other platforms. People are popping up from here and there and it's lovely when we all get together and share more art we love so much! More the merrier, I say!

We look forward to seeing you around! x

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